Investment Strategy

IGF Partners invests in Triple Net Leased (NNN) commercial real estate which provides strong intrinsic value, dependable monthly income and limited risk to our investors. Properties leased to tenants such as Verizon, Safeway, AutoZone, CVS and other creditworthy companies provide low risk, no landlord responsibilities, and wealth preservation while also providing annual returns of over 6%, paid monthly, to our investors. Approximately 2/3 of that income is tax deferred.


The selection of our properties is completed by creating diversity and balance as needed for a portfolio of this quality. Balance requires conforming to a strict set of guidelines, which include the selection of each individual location, based in a city that projects growth, not only in population, but growth for the environment in which the asset is located. We do not pursue the highest capitalization rates at the expense of lesser credit, lease terms or location. This disciplined process of due diligence will be executed by the principals of our firm and not be delegated to uninterested third party consultants.


As a unique asset class that moves differently from stocks and bonds, real estate alternative investments make a logical addition to a portfolio. As the equity markets trade near all-time highs and treasury yields, savings accounts and other fixed rate bonds are near all-time lows, investors are looking to alternative investments that provide a greater monthly income. Why earn less than 1% interest on your capital when you can earn over 6% in our investment program?